I remember a friend saying catching fish is a tedious, exhausting process that requires a bucket load of patients as she perked her well rounded pearly bits, having read the old man and sea by Ernest Hemingway I tend to agree. This thought came to mind as I decided to lay off Ms Conservative and bring out the maverick within by getting rid of the list and testing the waters by being open and receptive to cupid’s law of attraction. With that I began tapping away on the keyboard browsing through dating sites, within minutes my profile was uploaded, with a few compromises cause when you go fishing you do need good bait, a girl can’t be bringing home a barracuda, now can she?

Since this exercise was being done out of curiosity, I didn’t mind the waiting, as I had no idea what to expect. The partner proposals began popping up and my inbox was getting busy though I vowed to be lenient in the partner search I found myself doing the ticks and crosses. Firstly if the profile picture failed in tantalizing my tingly bits it went under the burner, the job title and grammar didn’t go unnoticed either. For a girl looking for love, I surely am picky but darling, I can’t be sitting there talking about the weather when he’s clueless about current affairs.

After sifting through the inbox I came across a potential, I call him half and half as he’s a half breed, a looker, judging from his profile picture. We began chatting, I was his Nubian princess and he; charming and mature. However our fairy-tale was short lived as I dropped him like a hot brick after he sent through his latest picture, and the first thing that came to mind was a glimpse of Dennis Rodman doing a slam dunk. Truth be told, I was baffled at how he went from Michael Ealy to Dennis Rodman in sixty seconds.  Later, when he dropped an invite for coffee, I took a rain check and I doubt he and I will be an ‘US’ or ‘We’ in this or next lifetime.

It rang true the notion that profile pictures at times rarely provide a true reflection of the man in the mirror, that we put on masks to paint a picture of wishful thinking as a gesture of acceptance and acknowledgement, to fit the ideal expectation. Truthfully, it purely boils down to branding, the imagery you portray to the audience should be representative of your character. If your intention is to attract a cultured, ambitious, intelligent lady your image should do well in attracting such a lady, they do say a picture tells a thousand words.

Branding is as important individually as is in business, as a result a dating profile should do well in attracting the ideal partner and for that to happen it should filter through to presentation. If your profile picture had a picture of couth suited up well groomed James Bond dear future bae I really do expect to be sitting across a mellowed version of James Bond and not John Malkovich being all feisty in the movie RED. Please, don’t get me wrong it has nothing to do with titles and the car you drive but just living up to the persona you have painted, it’s just old school wooing through a futuristic vortex. Surely you can’t go to war empty handed, you need to dress the part or else how are you to be taken seriously.

Online dating is proving quite an experience and my profile is still active, I’m very much curious as to what the cat will drag in, however if I do remember clearly, curiosity did kill the cat.

picture credit: psyblog



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