I humbly apologise, I’ve been absent. Writer’s block? That and life’s thorny potholes. Writing is therapeutic but when emotionally drained one fails to string sentences together, choosing rather to over dose on self-help books with endless moments of sighing and breathing techniques. I needed some time out, that pause moment, some stillness. Until George Bernard Shaw slapped me back to reality by reminding me that “life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.” That I decided to dry the mascara, get back on the horse and pat that afro.  
Since my last posts life has been somewhat interesting and I intend to share. Well no marriage proposals but rather some teary eyes with bucket loads of giggles. 
It’s great being back but remember if you ever find yourself down and out, a bit overwhelmed, instead of popping the pills, binging on junk food and getting intoxicated, just remind yourself that the sun always shines after a storm and where will the stars be without darkness. You are loved, and you say you not a diamond well diamonds are sifted through layers of sand, you say you not gold, well darling ask a miner how bad it is down there. You see you perfect the way you are, you just need some polishing once in a while to bring out that effervescent sparkle. 


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