It’s a new year, a clean slate, fresh of the boat, a fresh start; back to square one my friends. With the spring on my step, sniffing the roses, penning the resolutions. I’ve been blessed with an opportunity to start over, out with the old and in with the new, that’s the beauty of life really; being thrown a do-over.
I may not have scored a lottery or clinched a prince charming with a black card, back in 2016 but what I’ve come to realise when the crackers summoned in 2017 is that life is so much more than diamonds, fancy cars and Louboutins. It’s about the silent breeze on my back, birds chirping and sand between my toes, friendship and family. The finer things in life and at times the finer things in life don’t have the trimmings of a diamond.
I walked passed a homeless guy the other day, clutching a cuppa nestled under a blanket, my sister nonchalantly relayed how she lost her job, and got word of a little girl undergoing chemotherapy from a friend, witnessed a blind man being interviewed and caught sight of bloodied child in Aleppo. In all this calamity that has us universally enthralled I have realised I’ve breezed through the year and the thought of that deserves a glass of red.
I realised we get caught up in the rush that we forget to take a step back, centre ourselves and take that much needed breather. We become so consumed in the hustle that we forget about the I and Me; the You. It becomes us driving ourselves to such absorbent measures of fulfilling someone else’s destiny that we lose out in building ourselves; finding your moment. We become so busy that we miss out on the important moments in our lives, baby taking the first step, school recitals and birthdays.
We try very hard to chase our destiny, whatever that may be. Searching for acknowledgement, being validated, finding some form of acceptance from the universe, trying to merely fit in. Trying to claim first place, being a step ahead from the crowd, cause in all honesty who strives for second best; life is always a race. The number of followers on Instagram, the likes on Facebook, whose butt is plumpier than the other, main chick versus side chick and unfortunately life has no playbacks and once those moments are played there isn’t a replay button.
It’s a new year; the after-party. As we jiggle towards 2017, the festive season, all but a distant memory, having disconnected from the universe, spent time with your loved ones and significant other, embraced the freshly stemmed roses, felt the sand on our toes. How about unearthing that journal that’s gathering dust down in the basement and finally dotting the i and crossing the t on those goals that were clouded by pessimism cause life my friends is indeed short. And remember that Fear will always be that slap on the face nudging us off track. So, how about slipping on those heels, back straight with a whiff of confidence, show her whose boss.
Happy and prosperous 2017 my friends let this be a year of self and remember you have the strength within you to achieve anything you put your mind to, why short change yourself 🙂


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